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The Doctor: Benjamin Hamilton The 2nd

I am a healthcare professional and consultant with over twenty five years of public and private sector experience, which has given me a unique perspective on issues facing the health care community. I focus on digital health tips and advice, editorials, programmes, and training materials. I am also a health care generalist; health care providers, vendors and payors of all shapes and sizes rely on me to help them navigate the maze of healthcare.

The Blog

TrakHEALTH is an online portal for information on nutrition and well-being created in 2005. Its aim is to educate people about healthy eating, spreading the principles and benefits of a varied and balanced diet, as a tool to keep fit and healthy.

A food education project inspired by the awareness that, while it is true that we all eat, it is also true that not everyone knows how to eat well, indeed. The spread of overweight and obesity is the practical demonstration: we eat badly because we are convinced that healthy eating takes a long time, costs too much and is also not tasty. But, above all, we eat badly because we do not know what it means to follow a healthy diet.