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Leningrad is based on three principles — wit, wilderness and wide social knowledge. Leningrad is funny, wild and precise — concoction of these characteristics makes it almost invulnerable to criticism: it is difficult to judge the band by serious standards, and, at the same time, it is impossible to mock, as the band does it for you. There is a lot to be heard in Leningrad songs, from rude to silly, but there was never any dirt or self-complacence.

The essence of Leningrad is in domesticated by them and never-lost mood, which Shnurov himself names as Eschatological exaltation. Leningrad privatized the very feeling of a festival, it is band trademark, and its stocks are only increasing in price. Needed to say, this festival is in totally Russian literature traditions – it is a festival of the little man (which becomes pretty obvious in the video In St Petersburg – to drink). Shnurov often gets accused of mocking people, whereas he just processes the usual for this place self-eating atmosphere to the energy of pure glee and joy. His notorious Loubotins also, as paradoxial as it sounds, evolved from the Gogol’s Overcoat.

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