Past Events


Album sales in excess of one million worldwide, a Number 1 single on the Billboard US dance charts, a top 10 on the Billboard US pop charts, a Top 10 single in the UK, a No. 1 single in Australia for 12 consecutive weeks, 7 Top 10 singles in Australia, a No. 1 single in Canada, Sweden and Finland, 4 albums reaching gold and platinum status and a swag of industry awards.

PSEUDO ECHO’s sensational chart topping achievements in the Eighties, kept them on an exciting rollercoaster ride through one of the most prominent music decades of our time.

PSEUDO ECHO pioneered the new Eighties electro-pop sound in Australia, soon establishing themselves at the top of the Australian charts with Top 10 hits such as :

“Listening” and “A Beat For You” from their gold selling debut album “Autumnal Park“.

They then followed up with platinum selling album “Love An Adventure”, also including the “Don’t Go”

and “Living In A Dream”.

The band then scored their biggest worldwide hit to date with “Funky Town”.

Into the New Millennium, people are still rushing to the dance floor when “Funky Town” hits the turntable, but now groove to Funky Town Y2K: The Remixes”